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Dedicated to making animals whole again and live their best life by providing innovative, custom fabricated orthotic and prosthetic designs to meet each animal’s specific needs

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The mobility of your animal can be affected in many ways, from physical trauma and injury, neurological deficiencies, or sometimes simply old age. At Animal Kingdom Brace & Limb, we produce braces that are designed specifically to aid your animal by supporting the affected joint in healthy movements, and dispersing body weight to help prevent further injury. Our braces are fabricated in our own lab, on site in Delray Beach, Florida, and are crafted by skilled technicians using the highest quality, durable materials from a cast of your animal’s affected limb. This produces a product with an optimal fit and superior function. 

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Listed below is a partial list of common injuries and ailments that your animal may benefit from bracing:

About Prosthetics

Sometimes, nature creates a very special animal that may be missing a limb or limbs or may have an incomplete limb that may be short or lacking sufficient bone or tissue structures. Other times, amputation of a limb or partial limb may be the last resort in easing an animal’s pain or even saving the life of the animal due to disease or accident. The absence of a normal limb can cause the animal to place undue stress on the unaffected limbs. This can lead to strained soft tissues and ligaments as well as joint structures. An artificial limb (prosthetic device) constructed from a cast of the residual limb or remaining structures can ease the stress placed on the remaining limbs and back, reducing the risk of further injury or disease.

Your animal will be evaluated and considerations taken not only for the body type of the animal, but for your animal’s specific activity level and type of activity enjoyed – whether it be for a simple walk in the park or perhaps hunting and retrieving, water sports or running for great distances. No matter your animal’s demands, a prosthetic device will be designed and fabricated to help meet or exceed the desired outcome. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary for your animal to live its best life!

We take great pride and pleasure in treating your animal with the utmost respect while making him or her whole again!

We are conveniently located on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. Our team would be more than happy to provide a free consultation to determine if an orthotic or prosthetic appliance is right for you and your animal.

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